May 30, 2009

My Style Defined:

The Hubs and I often have many debates, and one of them is over decorating styles. When we lived in an apartment we had this struggle of trying to combine his/her styles. We didn't agree much, but I feel like we compromised more with the style of my Hubby. He likes modern furniture pieces, dark, bland colors. When we bought our first home and began decorating it we again had this conflict. We had this blank canvas to work with and I really wanted to add more of my own touch to it. We discussed, and well I think the only two rooms in the whole house that are more "ME" would be my bathroom and my office. (Lucky me) I love vintage things, older things, antiques, color, bright colors, white walls, mirrors, and things that are flirty and girly, Chandeliers. To most known as; Shabby Chic! The Hubs, not so much!
He's asked me many times, "What's your style." So whenever we're out and about I make it a point to show him things that I love. Most of the time he's not agreeing with me at all. But, I told him the next place we move, the next house we have it has to be more me, or a more balanced version of us, our two styles combined. If you've seen our house, it's mostly brown. The next time not so much brown. :) Today, I found these awesome pictures of a real couples home in Canada. Love, love Holly's style and how they have decorated their space. Here's to defining my style perfectly!
Check out more of Holly & Sean's nest, at click on HollyLuv's profile!


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