May 22, 2009

Kisses & Disses

Disses, to packing my house. It's been very emotional for me.
Disses, to the lady who pounded on my trunk in rush hour traffic yesterday! People need to learn to use crosswalks instead.
Disses, to the crazy wind we had a few days ago.
Disses, to snoopy people in my neighborhood! People seriously need to mind their own!

Kisses, to saving $30 on my grocery bill today.
Kisses, my Mom bringing my little niece w/ her this weekend! What a surprise.
Kisses, to my Mom being here to help me.
Kisses, to my Hubby who was sick a few days this week. I love taking care of him, and glad he's better now.
Kisses, to Friday movie night w/ Hubs, and the fact he lets me rent the girlie ones!


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