May 25, 2009

*Free tip of the Week*

Maybe you know about this, maybe you don't! Either way, it's FREE and I love it so here's my FREE tip of the week! Each week, every Tuesday at Starbucks you can get a FREE download on iTunes. Stop by every Tuesday when you're picking up your latte you can also snag one of their "Pick of the Week" cards for a free music download.

Now, I've seen these sitting on the counter for a while now at Starbucks, and I always looked at them and thought I don't know half these artists, I probably wouldn't like their music anyway. But after a couple weeks of downloading the tunes I've decided that it's cool and fun seeing each week what you'll get, and you never know you could be introduced to something you really love! Plus, being FREE only helps this cause!! And, remember I love free!

52 weeks/ year = 52 FREE songs a year from iTunes! How can you beat that?!!! Guess what? Tomorrow is Tuesday, there will be a new song to get. Stop in, grab a card, get free music!


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