May 20, 2009

Day with the Girls!

On Monday, I headed over to Eunice's house. Sara came into town the day before and we were going to all meet up for the day. We don't to many days a year when we're all together, so any chance we get we always make it a priority. This time, Sara had just had baby #2, 7 weeks ago. Eunice introduced Isabelle into the world just 2 weeks prior. BESA now officially has 4 children, and I have lots and lots of babies to hold & kiss! Someday, I will catch up with them. We had a great day! Ellie is the smartest almost two year old I think I know..she's amazing. Little Macie looks just like her Mommy, and Isabelle is the biggest sleeper! She loves her beauty rest! I can't believe how much has changed in such a short amount of time, and now we have all these little ones that are apart of! ;) It's pretty awesome! Enjoy some pics from the day:
Me and Eunice, who's already a great Mommy after two weeks!

Sara and Me.

Sleeping Izzy.

Playing with Ellie!

Little Miss Macie Jill

Me with Isabelle, who I already nicknamed Izzy!
Becky & Isabelle

Ellie+ iphone+ Dora webisodes= happiness!


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