May 4, 2009

Little Book of Ideas!

I decided a couple weeks ago to finally get rid of all my magazines that are piling up. Here was my problem; most of them were ones that I saved because their was an article I loved, or an idea I wanted to save for later. I was keeping them for a reason, obviously. Here's my solution; I sorted through each one and ripped out the articles that I wanted to save and put them in a separate pile. Then found an old 3 ring binder from college, cleaned it out and re-used some of the plastic report covers and put them all in a book, that I can refer back to. I like to call it; My little book of ideas! Now, I have a place for all the articles that I was saving. They are all in the same place, easy to find, easy to access when I need them. And the magazines? Well, they are now on their way to being recycled. It was a great way to reuse, reduce, recycle and de-clutter my house! And the best part; it didn't cost me a thing! Everything I used, I already had on hand!


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