May 19, 2009

Who Will Win?

Who Will Win tonight? I'm so torn, I love all of the final three for different reasons! This has been my favorite season so far, can't wait till they go on tour. Maybe I'll be able to make it this year! Here's my final thoughts on the 3 we have left.
Melissa & Tony
Love her. After her awful season on The Bachelor, it's been awesome to see her do so well. She's an amazing dancer, one of my faves from the beginning. Her partner Tony has never made it to the finals before. I would love to see her win! She's my top pick for tonight's win.
Shawn & Mark
Love Shawn, she's from Iowa so I love her even more. She's the youngest competitor they have ever had. She's amazing. She has such grace, and she's done everything so tasteful for being just 17! Her freestyle was all star last night!

Gilles & Cheryl
Ok, I love Cheryl. It's not so much as I like Gilles, cause honestly I really could care less about him. I just love her, she's my favorite Pro dancer. So I'd love to see her win. If she wins it'll be her 3rd win. The most anyone has ever won on the show! That would be awesome.
SO, I am torn between; My Iowa girl, My fave Pro dancer, and the girl that came out of nowhere, Melissa! Since I love them all I'll be happy with whomever wins!

Over all, I want Melissa to win!

Watch & See what happens tonight!


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