May 25, 2009

Blog Roll Monday: Desiree Hayes Photography

I found this photographer when I joined Flickr, a photo sharing site where you can post your photos get feedback, and see others work. I stumbled on her photographs totally by accident and I've been hooked on her work ever since! She hails from San Diego, CA and does anything and everything from weddings, children, and her specialty being Boudoir photography. I was a little skeptical at first of Boudoir shoots. Honestly, because I'd never seen them done well or tasteful at all. But after seeing her work, I'm a believer now! She's amazing at what does does, and truly brings out the beauty of her subjects in such a tasteful way. I'd love to one day have her take my photos for the Hubs!

I love reading her blog on a weekly basis, and I've learned so much from her work. Mostly about being daring and taking chances as a photographer. She always has some of the most creative things, and I love that part! If you are every in the San Diego area you have to give her a call to do your photos, check out her blog and see what I'm talking about!

Happy Monday Everyone!


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