May 29, 2009

Wish List

Have you heard about this little gadget? It's called the Flip Video camera, and it's my newest wish list item that one day I'd love to have. This little guy shoots up to 60 minutes of video, and the best part is you can shoot and then upload right away with the handy USB port built right in. I think this is perfect for taking on trips, or carrying in your purse to catch those "Oh so great moments" with the Hubs! Never miss a moment again, I say!

I want it in PINK, duh! :) It retails for about $149, but I found it on in white for $99, and on in pink for $118! Can't beat that, and both those sites you can get free shipping too! What a deal! It's on my wish list for my birthday this fall! Or if any of you want to buy me a gift, I'll take it! ;)


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