May 15, 2009

Friday Frills: Izzie she or Izzien't She?

I love, love Grey's! Last night was the season finale, two hours long, by myself to ponder the woes, trials, and loves of this show! And let me tell you last night didn't disappoint! But, it did leave us all with a cliff hanger on weather or not Izzie lives or dies, due to her tumor. Then throw in O'Malley being hit by a bus and dragged only to be admitted to Seattle Grace in the ER. Except no one knew it was him because of his dis member ed body! Until he writes "007" on Meredith's hand do they rush to save what's left of him! Crazy huh?!!!

All of this would have been a little bit more heart wrenching for me, and most others if we didn't already know about the swirling rumors the actors in real life are leaving the show! It leaves you to wonder if the rumors are true and if their contracts will be renewed?! Only time, and summer will tell us that!
Derek and Meredith married each other on a signed blue post it note! We must wait till next season to see if they finally say "I do." Bailey got the fellowship with peeds, only to get an ultimatum from her Hubby, Christina & Owen finally love each other and maybe headed for greener pastures, Little Grey & Sloane may or may not move in with each other. Till next season when we sort all this out!


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