December 19, 2009

Be Creative Challenge for 2010

There are a ton of creative/home projects that I'd like to finish up in the new year! I've been seeing some really cool & creative projects being featured from different blogs I've been reading. And I thought that was a wonderful way to challenge yourself to get them done and track your progress at the same time.

There's Lyndsay's One Project a Month (OPAM) as she likes to call it on her blog Pink Coffee Photoart.

And, I've also been loving Carly's Be Creative (2009) & Self Portrait (2008) Challenges that she tackles every week on her blog Chuckles & Grins.

Some other blogs I've seen have done baking and photo challenges as well for the year! So, taking a hint from Carly at Chuckles & Grins in 2010 I'm going to start my own Be Creative Challenge (BC Challenge) for every week in the entire year I'll tackle a creative project and blog about it here.

52 projects, do you think I can come up with that many? I do! Here's some I already want to tackle in the new year;
1. Finish scrap booking my Wedding album. It's been a little over 2 years since I wed Mr. Worley and I still haven't finished it. I'd like to finish it before Baby G arrives. So I think that'll be my first.
2. Finish some photo projects for family & friends.
3. A lovely chalkboard paint project that I've been dying to try.
4. A monogram project for our bedroom.

Those are just a few, stay tuned in 2010 to see all my projects in the BC Challenge. What are you doing in this next coming year to challenge yourself? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


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