December 21, 2009

Blog Roll Monday: My Crazy, Unpredictable Life

This is a blog that chronicles and follows the lives of two twenty somethings, a military man and his wife and their otherwise "unpredictable life" It just also happens to be the blog of my Cousin Jesse and his adorable wife Kaitlin!

Aren't family blogs so wonderful? I love that no matter where I am or where they are in life, I can always catch up and feel like we're apart of each other's lives.

Kaitlin also happens to be about 15 week preggo! Preggo cousins, what could be better. I look forward to hearing about their baby news and their travels as they relocate soon to Minot, ND where Jesse is on assignment with the military!

Read up on their blog as they also share creative tips and recipes too!

photo credit: My Crazy, Unpredictable Life


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