December 22, 2009

Ava's Closet

You may have noticed a little tab up there on the menu bar, and wondered what it's all about. Inspired by my daughter on the way I've been looking all over the place for clips and cute headbands for her. Orion suggested that I start making them myself for her.

So a couple weekends ago I went to the craft store and picked up a few supplies and before you know it I'd made about 80 clips in just a few days. They ended up turning out really great, I sent some to my two fave girls in Iowa for Christmas and I kept a few for Baby G.

Hubby told me I should try selling them at craft fairs or something. I did a lot research about and decided that I would try my hand at selling them there and see what happens.

When it came time to think of a name for this little shop, I talked with Hubby and he came up with the idea of Ava's Closet. Ava, as you can by now guess is the name we have chosen to name our daughter and since they were inspired by her "Ava's Closet" was born. Thank you to Hubby for thinking of a really cute name!

Here's some things that I worked on yesterday for my little shop:
Business cards/ banners that will be shipped with every order from Etsy or that I end up giving away! :)
The logo I designed for the shop! I wanted something chic and classic and not to little kid-ish, after all this is couture baby items we're talking about here! :)

I'm excited about this little adventure for this new year. My goal isn't to make millions but to spread the loveliness of pretty clips to the masses and maybe make a little money for my family.

What do you think?
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