December 9, 2009

Free Tip of the Week: Ways to Save

This week's FREE tip comes from my frugal shopping finds! Last week I discovered that many stores are now giving discounts if you bring in your own reusable shopping bags for your goods instead of leaving the store with one of their plastic ones.

At World Market they also give a discount for using their bags,
and 3 times a year they have special sales if you bring in your bag
you can fill the whole thing for 15-20% off. Check their website to
see when these local Specials come around!

At Target they give 5 cents off every time you use a reusable bag,
and it doesn't have to be one of theirs it can be any ole reusable bag!

At my local Albertsons they give a discount per bag!
It's 10 cents per bag you bring in, if you have a lot of groceries
this could be very awesome for you! But still I say every bit
can help! Check your local grocery store and see if they offer
these same awesome discounts!


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