December 30, 2009

2009: Year In Review

This year, is what we like to call "the year with the most changes" here in the Worley House! It's been a pretty crazy year for us here, there's no way that we could have predicted or expected anything that came our way. But we're thankful and feel really blessed for the year that God has given us. Here's a little look back at the years' best highlights, with pictures (because a post is always better with pictures)

January- We rang in the new year with friends, and looked forward to an exciting year ahead, not really knowing what it would hold. Andrea went to Vegas for the Miss America pageant to help support Miss Minnesota.

Here I am in Vegas enjoying Miss America!

February- Andrea's little brother Sam got engaged! They are getting married January 19, 2010! Andrea won tickets to a Lakers game, they are Orion's fave team so it was fun to spend some time court side. Andrea threw a double baby shower for her friends that are having baby girls in March!

At the Lakers vs. Timerwolves game
Double Baby Shower with friends

March- We traveled home to IA to spend the weekend at Backbone State Park with my entire family. We had a great weekend with the family!

Andrea with her nieces & nephew on one of her trips home

April- We made lots of travels home to IA for birthday parties, dance recitals and lots of family festivities!

May- Orion and I started interviewing at churches, we had a great month of traveling to Kansas and California. My little brother graduated High school as well so we had lots of trips to Iowa this month.

Here we are in Sacramento, CA
At Andrea's brother Shawn's HS Graduation

June- Orion and I started thinking about starting a family and started fertility treatments this month.

July- This was a busy month for us, probably the busiest yet. We celebrated our Second wedding anniversary, and just a week after that we found out that I was pregnant. Although we didn't tell people till 11 weeks later. We traveled to Arizona to interview for a church, came back and a week later decided to take the job. We were moving soon!

Us in Arizona in July
Celebrating our 2nd Wedding Anniversary
Finding out we're going to be parents

August- The beginning of the month we moved to Arizona, moved into a new home and started adjusting to our new lives in Arizona!

September- We finally announced that we're having a baby to all our family and friends. We traveled to Palm Springs with the staff of our new church and traveled back to the Midwest for a friends wedding. Also, Andrea's Mom & Grandma came to visit us for a week.

In Wisconsin for the Kegler Wedding
Andrea's Mom & Grandma visit
In Palm Springs, CA for Labor Day weekend

October- This month we celebrated my 27th birthday and found out that we were having a baby girl!

November- We celebrated Orion 32nd Birthday! And spent our first Thanksgiving here in AZ.

Orion's 32nd Birthday
Andrea's 27th Birthday
Thanksgiving 2009

December- We spent our first Christmas here in sunny AZ as we closed the chapter on an amazing year!

Christmas 2009

Here's to a new year ahead of us, we're very excited about what this new year will hold and look forward to 2010 being one of our best years yet. It'll be the year we become parents, and with that we know there will all sorts of exciting changes and new experiences.


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