December 12, 2009

A Christmas Cookie Tale

One of my favorite Christmas traditions as I kid was making Christmas cookies and candies with my Mom. Every year I've looked forward to our annual all day cookie bake off. For the last two years though I've made these cookies at my home since I wasn't able to be at my Mom's for cookie day. I love baking, I love using my Great Grandma's recipe, and taking the time to frost each one as if it's a labor of love & sugar!

This morning, I got up at 8 am and started baking. I spent the whole day baking, frosting and candy making. Here's a little sneak peak of my Christmas cookie tale through pictures.

Grandma would be proud!

Some almond bark pretzels snuck in

Cooling Off

En route to the oven

Cookie dough

It all starts with Great Grandma's recipe

The usual suspects

We bake & stack


Putting the whites on my mittens

Some with out sprinkles for Hubby

We don't do yellow stars here

Mittens & Snowflakes


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