February 10, 2010

33 weeks

7 weeks left, it's going by so fast! I'm just trying to enjoy it, relax and take in as much of I can before this experience is over and we start a whole new experience when she's born.
This week we attended a baby class, and got a really sweet little goodie bag filled with samples, some diapers, wipes and baby magazines. I love free stuff!
Also this week we got a bouncer/seat and put it together. Well, Orion mostly put it together while I took pictures. :) Thanks to my Aunt & Uncle for the gift card to Sears so we could scoop up this cute bouncer!

Proud Daddy with his creation!
We also put together the bassinet/pac n play that's next to our bed. It's a little surreal as our home starts to fill up with baby things, but it's just another small reminder of this journey we're on. What I loved most about this set is that it's so versatile. I didn't want both a bassinet and a pac n play, mostly because we don't have the space and extra storage for all that right now so this was a perfect option, and I think the colors are pretty universal for either gender.

BIG thanks to our family & friends who gave us gift cards @ Target to purchase this pac n play!

How far along? 33 weeks/ 8 months/ 3rd trimester

Total weight gain/loss: 14.8 lbs.

Maternity clothes? Yes, daily. You may start to get sick of seeing me wear the same stuff over and over. But at this stage I refuse to buy more.

Stretch marks? none.

Sleep: Much the same as last week.

Best moment this week: Going to the baby class, Orion was really supportive even though some of the topics he probably didn't care about. He was a trooper and really made the effort which made me feel great to have his support.

Movement: tons and tons of movement, they say [doctors] that at this stage movement slows down but I don't seem to be having that. she moves all the time.

Cravings: again, with the sweets. luckily I don't really keep that stuff in the house so it's not to tempting. But, I have been craving brownies & pizza the past few days so I think I might just have to make some for Valentines Day!

Gender: Girl

Labor Signs: none.

Belly Button in or out? in.

What I miss: Sleep.

What I am looking forward to: My doctors appointment on Monday and my baby shower with my AZ church family.

Weekly Wisdom: none.

Milestones: none.


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