February 5, 2010

{DIY} Making Over the Rocking Chair

While I was home in Iowa, I spotted my old childhood rocking chair in the basement of my Parent's house. There's a special story about this chair; my Great Grandparents owned & built their own furniture and had a store growing up when I lived in California. They made my Sister and I both rocking chairs when we were kids. This chair was mine, and I asked my Mom if I could have it for Ava. So she shipped it to me here in Arizona.

Here's what the chair looked like before, as they originally built it. I thought long and hard about re purposing it or not. Part of me wanted to since it didn't really match or go with anything currently in the nursery, and the other part of me wanted to hold on to the original state my Great Grandparents built it in.

In the end, I decided that Grandpa & Grandma would be proud and excited that I used my own creative skills to keep this little gem in the family and pass it along to my own children. So here's the before:

I removed the padding, washed it down and cleaned it really well since it'd been sitting in my Parent's basement for a while now. Then primed it, and started painting. I used the left over white nursery paint to cover the chair with about 3 coats, letting each coat dry completely before the next. Here's the sweet after:

Isn't is sweet?! I love the way that it turned out, it goes perfectly now with her nursery. I added some cute little bows to the back of the chair to pull it all together! I can totally see her sitting in this chair playing and reading some books.

What do you think?

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