February 12, 2010

Handmade Valentines Day!

I really like making things for people on birthdays and holidays rather than just going out and buying a gift. Our very 1st "married" Valentines Day Orion made me breakfast in bed, brought me flowers to work, and made me dinner that evening. We even bought each other the same CD for our gifts.

That first Valentines Day married I wanted to do something special for Orion, it was actually 7 months to the day since we'd been married. Orion and I did traditional vows on our wedding day, so I decided that I would sit down and write Orion some wedding vows of my own since we exchanged traditional vows that day. I sat down and wrote all the things I would have said or wanted to say in our wedding vows if we'd written them to each other. I typed them up, and printed them out on pretty paper and framed them for him and gave it to him for our 1st "married" Valentines Day.

Last year, we splurged at one of our fave restaurants for lunch and exchanged cards! This year we're doing it pretty low key. Since it's on a Sunday we're going to do a lunch picnic in the park and grill steak dinner here at home.

I love simple things that show each other how much you care. It doesn't have to be grand, just special and from the heart.

I wanted to make Orion a card from Me & Ava and give it to him on Valentines Day. So, yesterday I grabbed all my crafting supplies and whipped up a card. And wrote a special message inside. Take a peak:
"143" is Orion and I's code for "I Love You" it's the number of letters it takes to make up each word. We often say this across a crowded room to each other, write it on notes to each other or in emails. It's just a cute little thing that's meaningful to us that's "ours."
For other homemade ideas food is always a great option, I've really been wanting to make these or these for Valentines Day. Also, check out Daniel & Lyndsie's blog for some really cute Valentines gift ideas.

What are you doing special for Valentines Day to show your special someone you care?

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