February 23, 2010

Finally Finished & Organized:

Do you ever have those projects that somehow get away from you and before you know it they are out of control? Well, my photos are one of those projects. I was an avid scrap booker since I was in high school but in 2007 I converted to digital albums & scrap booking and since then have let my photos all prior get a little out of hand.

I was determined to get a handle on this before the babe arrives. I wanted to finish our wedding album and a few others.

I bought this album when Orion and I were engaged to put wedding pictures in it that we got from family & friends.

Here's a few pages that I worked on this past week:

I also picked up this album a couple years back, and decided to put images in them from 2006-2008! That's a long time, but they are all in there and now organized.
Here's a few pages from this book:

I had full intentions too of scrap booking all my friends' fab weddings that I've been in. I decided instead to take a wedding album that was a gift and organize them by date order.

Here's a little preview:
I also slipped the programs into the negative pocket, so you can take a little look back and see them whenever you want.
I still have a bunch of images from college, and I've decided that I'm going to buy some albums you can just slip images into for those. I also have images from our honeymoon, and those are the ones I want to scrap book, since I already bought the supplies for it back in 2007. But, that may have to wait until after the babe arrives....we'll see! I'm so glad that I have a handle on it all now!

What do you do with your photos now? Do you still scrap book, or do digital albums now like me?

PS- if you're looking for a site to do digital albums with I highly recommend Snapfish (I use them for all my personal stuff) and Shutterfly (I use them for all my pro photography printing and lab stuff) both are great sites and offer tons of discounts on books from time to time!

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