July 6, 2012

Oh, Baby: 16 Weeks

By this time in my first pregnancy with Ava you were already getting annoying baby updates from me weeks prior. This is my first official update for baby #2! This time around my pregnancy has already been so different than my pregnancy with Ava, which I hear is pretty expected to have different pregnancies.

With both pregnancies I was sick the whole first trimester. The difference with #2 is that I am already into my second trimester and still sick. Some days are better than others, but overall I feel a pretty consistent state of nausea. Also, I am very tired. Like tired all the time from the moment I wake up till the time I come home. Which is making for not a great housewife as my laundry is pilling up, and three nights last week we had pizza.

But, I'm trying to tell myself I'm growing a life and doing the best I can. I'm trying to give myself a break. My husband has been way supportive and helpful. Even going grocery shopping for me last week so we could fill our fridge. He's a keeper.

Another difference is that I've already felt the baby move. At 15 weeks I felt my first baby flutters. I didn't feel anything with Ava till I was 19 weeks along. It's so awesome to feel that for the first time, and it never gets old and is always an exciting feeling.

When it came time to document this pregnancy I thought long and hard about how I was going to do it. You may remember my Bump Fairy posts from when I was pregnant with Ava. I knew this time I wanted to do something different, and something that would include Ava as well. I want her to feel included as much as possible in this whole process.


I'm not sure that she totally understands at this point but we're trying to talk to her about it as often as we can. She seems excited when we do talk to her about the baby. I can't wait for her to really catch on, she keeps telling us that she wants a sister.


I'm hoping to update about every 4 weeks to try and really see a good progression. When I was pregnant with Ava I did it weekly and it became a little much and I don't really think you saw the weekly difference.

Yeah, for baby updates! Have a great weekend friends!


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