January 28, 2009

25 Things

So, I've been getting "tagged" a lot lately on Facebook to do this 25 Things. Here's the deal, you write down 25 Random Things about yourself and tag others in your note. Then those 25 people you tag write down 25 random things about themselves and tag you in the note. Just a fun way to learn new things about the people in your life. Ok, so here goes. Here's my 25 Things you may or may not know:

1. My sister and I are Irish Twins.
2. I have two swimsuits that have never, and will never touch water.
3. My Hubby and I met at church.
4. I still am a fan of Britney Spears.
5. One time a boyfriend in HS gave me a sweater for Christmas, and I ended up giving it to my Mom.
6. I secretly, want to move back to Arizona.
7. I want to have twins someday.
8. I still own all my pageant wardrobe, and sometimes wear it around the house.
9. In HS I was voted Most Talkative.
10. I wanted to be a Rockette, until I found out there's a height requirement.
11. I love Jon & Kate Plus 8.
12. I love finding the perfect greeting cards for people.
13. I hate doing most house work ie: dishes and laundry.
14. I used to be a band geek: playing both the baritone & alto sax.
15. When I was a kid I wanted to go into broadcasting.
16. My sister and I are 11 mo. apart, and for a month and a half we're the same age.
17. All the men in my family have been or are currently serving in the military.
18. I'm an Army & Air force brat :)
19. I am terribly clumsy at times.
20. I love to laugh.
21. I know all the words to "There she is, Miss America."
22. I have kept a journal for every year of my life since I was 10. Someday my kids will read them.
23. One day I want to direct my own local pageant in the MAO system.
24. I want to live in warmer weather.
25. Next year we'll start trying to have a baby.

There you have it, now go do your own!!!!


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