January 8, 2009

New Year. New Home.

One my resolutions to myself this year, is to finish all the decorating in my house that I want to do. I still have tons of pictures and decorating that I want to get up and done. Hubby and I worked on a project New Years day... it went a little wrong and we ended up having to patch the holes and start all over again. We thought we had the correct color of paint still from the previous owners of our home, turns out that we don't. So, now we have to either try to match the wall paint or start over with a new color. But, the thought of painting our entire upstairs hallway doesn't excite me at all. So that's project #1.

Project #2: Paint the spare room. I've been wanting to do this for a while now, but time just got away from me. So now, I've decided that there's no time like now to finally decide on a paint sample and get going. This room we've dubbed our boat room, we have a nautical theme going on in this room.

Project #3: Refinish and old bookcase. I'm really into dressing up and re-working pieces that we already have. If I can give this bookcase a face lift without buying a new one, I'll be one happy girl.

Project #4: Put new lighting in the office, and our bedroom. Our doesn't have the greatest source of light. So I'd like to add more lamps or something...it's to dark. Here's what I am thinking for the office...
My office is pretty girly...and I think this fits just right. One day, this office will be turned into a nursery...and this will be perfect for a little girl. :)
Now, it's just time to get it all done.


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