January 24, 2009

Viva Las Vegas- Part 2

Friday, morning my Aunt picked me up from my hotel and we headed out sight seeing. The first time I came to Vegas was to visit her when I was 14 with my Mom. I haven't been here since then, and I am now 26... you do the math! Anyway, first place we headed to was the famous Las Vegas sign. Where I ran into Miss Iowa's whole crew as they were taking pictures. We had a lovely chat, since we're all from Iowa.
Next up we headed back to The Strip, to tour hotels; Paris, The MGM Grand and see more sights. I caught the lovely water fountain show this afternoon in front of the Belagio Hotel, and another time tonight when it was all lit up. After that, we headed to this cute little place called Metro Pizza for lunch. Let me tell you what, I am sooo glad I am not competing this Saturday cause that pizza was good, and I had some of it. No swimsuits for me!

Later this afternoon after lunch we headed to my Aunt's house to meet up with her family. Which was a treat for me since I haven't seen my cousins, and Uncle Mark in years. We picked up my cousin Nicole from dance and she showed me around the studio, then we headed off to their house. We hung out, chatted, watched dance videos of Nicole, it was so fun and special that I was able to see her and her family.

Friday, night my Aunt surprised me with tickets to go see KA' Cirque Du Soleil at the MGM Grand Hotel. It was awesome, I'd never been to Cirque so it was a special treat for both of us. Big thanks to my Aunt for being my tour guide and treating me to a wonderful day! Plus tomorrow night she's coming to Miss America, it's going to be fun.
Log on tonight to TLC and vote for your favorite to make it into the TOP 15 at Miss America...you have till 5 AM Saturday morning to vote!! Click here to vote!


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