January 8, 2009

Reading Challenge: We have a Winner!

You may remember my reading challenge post from last year, well it's 2009 and the idea was to see how many books between Hubby and I, who could read the most from September till December. Whoever won the challenge got a prize of their choosing. Well, I am happy to say with 4 books read by the end of December I Won!

My last book was "At First Sight" by Nicholas Sparks. I was 3 chapters into it, when we came home from the Labor Day weekend. By the time I got to the middle it was dragging and I was dreading trying to finish it. It was a very slow moving book, and it sounded a little all the familiar to me from some of the other stuff he's written that I've read. Could Sparks be loosing his touch? I don't know, but this one didn't wow me at all.

Even though we are fore going our original plan of winning a prize, I am still walking away with the victory of beating Orion in the book challenge!

Up Next: Orion got me for Christmas the new book by Jon & Kate Gosselin called Multiple Blessings. I love their show, and I am excited to take a look and read the book.


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