January 29, 2009


It's been 565 days since Orion and I said "I do."

Can we really call ourselves Newlyweds?

When do you stop saying you're a newlywed?

We're coming up on two years this summer, and my how the time has flown! I can hardly believe it. I think after two years I'll stop referring to us as newlyweds.

A ton has happened in 565 days; here's just a few highlights:

- Orion celebrated 1 year at the bank

- I got a new job

- I started working with Miss Twin Cities

- I started my own photography business

- Orion got credentialed with the AG

- we celebrated our first anniversary
- We got a puppy

- we bought a house

- I lost my job
- We left HPC to pursue work with Master's Commission

- Orion celebrated 2 years at the bank

There's no telling what could or will happen in the next few months as we approach 2 years, one things for sure it better be good.


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