January 8, 2009

*Girlie Girls*

I love, love, love girlie fashion and the idea of getting dressed up in heels, a dress and going out. Or maybe just for no reason at all. I love when women dress like women, natural and fresh! Here's just a few of my recent favs of girlie girls:

Jennie Garth; I loved her as Kelly Taylor when I was 16, and I am loving her now at 26! I love this old Hollywood style she's doing right now. She looks amazing for a Mom of three little girls!

Miss Underwood; she could probably wear a paper sack over herself and she'd still look good and I'd still love her. She's daring with some of the stuff she wears, and I like it!
Jewel: Looking so fresh and springy (is that a word) Anyway, I'm loving her in this dress. Plus, nothing beats a great smile on a woman!
all photos courtesy of msn.com


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