January 18, 2009

Preacher Man

Wednesday, Orion preached his very first night at Celebration to the youth. It was an awesome night, the kids really were involved and it was awesome!! Orion shared his testimony, it really made an impact. He has such an amazing testimony of what God's done in his life and I think it's so impacting every time I hear it. Sunday, morning we have a youth service as well and Orion preached this morning as well. This time he talked about Taming the Tongue in James 3. I hate to brag, but I did give him this sermon idea. I taught on this to my Jr. Highers a few years back, and gave Orion a kickin' illustration to use. What is it, you may ask?
We brought in a real cow tongue to illustrate the point to the kids about how the things we say effect the others around us, and sometimes the things we can say to others can be really nasty and hurtful. And, how we need to have self control, and say things that are up lifting and beneficial to people.

Orion, and his tongue.

It went over really well, the students were grossed out, and really curious all at the same time. Either way it really got their attention, and I think they are going to remember this for a long time to come!
Having done this illustration myself, I'll be really excited if I don't see another tongue for a while. Sometimes the craziest things, are the most effective at reaching students.


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