January 12, 2009

A Worley Valentines Day

It's just about a month till Valentines day, I've got something up my sleeve. I decided and offered to plan this years Valentines day for Hubby and I. Last year he went over the top with 3 different surprises throughout the entire day. It was sweet, thoughtful and romantic. So this year I decided it might be fun for me to take a crack at planning something special in return. My first idea, was for us to buy each other gifts that re mined each other of our first date. I won't tell you what I'm planning on getting, just in case he decides to read this post. Secondly, I'm planning another part to this Valentines day...... you'll just have to wait and see what it is.
Just a recap: Our first date was on May 12th, 2005. Hubby took me out to dinner to McCormick & Schmick. Afterwards, we walked around downtown for a while getting to know each other. Then, we headed over to my best friends house to watch a movie with her and her hubby. And their buildings fire alarm went off, we all had to evacuate the building. After that fun, he took me home and gave me a hug! :)

What are you special plans for Valentines day?
Or what has been your favorite Valentines day with your Hubby or Wife?


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