September 18, 2010

{DIY} Baby Prints

A few months back when Ava was first born a friend gave us this imprint kit for Ava. It's been sitting around in a closet for a while now so this week I decided to get it out and start working on it. 

The frame originally looked this this:

I wasn't really a big fan of the finish, so I took out my little can of white spray paint and went to town covering the entire frame, let dry and did a couple more coats. 

Here's the after:

The kit comes with modeling clay there was some left over so I made both a foot print & hand print. 

I wrote the date, Ava's name and age on the back of these and let them dry completely for 24 hours before I moved along. 

Next, I added a picture to one side of the matting and used the other for the imprint. The kit comes with directions. But, I really think you could find all the supplies you need for these at Michael's or JoAnn's if you wanted to duplicate the same idea here. 

Here's what it looked like before I added the foot print:

And here's a little peek of it hanging on the wall in our hallway:

I decided after I hung this that the foot print needs a little something behind it to make it POP, I'm going to pick up some damask fabric that matches her room and fix that to the back of it. 
What about that hand print? I didn't forget about it, I've got something else up my sleeve that I'm going to use that for. Stay tuned. 

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Week #33


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