September 4, 2010


One thing I hope to instill in Ava is a love for reading and for books. 

I love books, I love reading. Some of my early favorites were books like the Bernstein Bears, The Box Car Children and The Baby Sitters Club.  

I love the way books transport you to another time or place, they spark the imagination, and help you learn about the world around you. 

They say that it's good to read to your children even at this age as it helps them develop their language skills, and helps them learn simple words and phrases. 

My Grandma (Ava's Great Grandma) has been sending her books. Classics, cute ones, and short ones. 

I love fresh books. Breaking the binding for the very first time, smelling the pages, and wondering what the story will tell. 

Used books are even better. They not only tell a story, but there's a story to be told about the one before who claimed the book as their own. 

Someone else touched and turned these pages. 

Someone else read them to their own little ones. 

Someone else made memories with these books. 

And now, they are mine to hold. Break open and read them to my girl.

Making up silly voices for all the characters. Reading to her the stories that I read as a child myself. 

Pointing out bold colors, and objects. 

Helping her learn and take in this BIG great world around her. 

Reading her to for the first time was so fun, she sits quietly, listens and takes it all in.

She grabs for the book, and tries to put it in her mouth as if she's going to learn through osmosis. 

I can't wait for her to develop a love for reading and bring books to me to read her someday. I hope it's a love we share together.

I hope trips to the library are in our future.

I hope snuggling beneath covers on a rainy day with books are part of our lifestyle. 

I hope she discovers a world of wonder and imagination through books. 

I hope this is just a small glimpse of what is to come for us. 


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