September 11, 2010

Nine years ago I was sitting in a college choir class at 7:30 am when our Director told us that a plane had crashed into the Pentagon, and that we should pray for our nation. At that time we had no idea the severity of the incident. It wasn't until class was over and I went back to my dorm room that I heard what was really going on.

Later that day classes were canceled, the city of Minneapolis looked like a ghost town. The whole world around me seemed to stop and stand still even more a moment trying to grasp what had just happened. 

Today, we remember. We look back. 

Today I pray for the families who lost loved ones in that terrible tragedy. Prayer for those that may not yet have found healing yet. Prayers for those that are still grieving. Praying they find the peace and healing in their lives. 

Prayer and thanks to those in the military who have fought, are still fighting, and those that lost their lives defending the freedom we all have today. 

I was thinking this morning that this is an event Ava will one day learn about and read in history books in school. I was thinking about what would I tell her about that day? 

I don't want to talk about politics. I don't want to talk about right or wrong. Good or bad. 

Today, I just want to remember the families. 

I want to be grateful to our troops.

And have a little grace for those that are making decisions for our nation, and pray for them. 

Today is a day that changed us all forever. 


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