September 1, 2010

Our First Home

We bought our very first home in March of 2008 and closed on April 1st, 2008. I wanted to record all of this and write it down so I didn't forget. And share with you our home tour and all that we did to make this house a home. 

I miss this house. I miss the memories we made here. The neighborhood, and mostly miss having a place of our own. 

3462 Cloman Way East 
Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

Our cute little fenced in patio area, where we entertained friends and family and spent many nights grilling. 

When we first moved in the living room walls were forest green and a mustard color. We couldn't wait to paint and make it our own. 

Our little dining area off the kitchen. We painted the kitchen when we moved in, it was also a nice shade of mustard. We replaced the light fixture, hood, stove, and fridge shortly after moving in.

Our spacious kitchen where I loved to cook and bake. Many dinners were made here. I miss the sounds of Bentley slipping all over the kitchen floors. We didn't change much about the kitchen except for painting the walls and the appliances mentioned above.

The master bath just off the hallway on the second floor. Our black and white bathroom. We loved the gray color the walls were already painted throughout the upstairs so we decided to keep that.

The Half Bath, which was a nice Tiffany Blue color and screamed of all things Paris and girly. It was already this color when we moved in, I was excited to make this kinda girly.

Down the stairs leading back into the living room and kitchen. This wall was a deep shade of forest green when we moved in, and the ceilings are so high above this landing it was interesting getting it all painted and finished.

Our Master Bedroom, was lime green when we moved in. We re painted the walls, and added some of our own personal touches. 

Our Third Bedroom, which was an office while we lived there. My moss green and white office. Where I paid bills, scrap booked, our prayer room and the business head quarters for all things Photos by Andrea. 

The Bloom Room, was one of the last home projects we took on. We wanted something that was a little beach and nautical inspired. It was also the guest room of the house where many loved visitors slept. 
I love having all these pictures as a reminder of all the hard work, heart and soul that went into this place. The memories that were made here. The happy times, the bad times, and everything in between. Our very first home. 


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