September 8, 2010

{Saving Money} Gifts to Grow

I want to do a little series of posts about saving money or the ways that I try really hard to save money and are effective for our family. 

I'm all about rewards programs, I have a card and a code for just about every place we go. It might sound silly to some but I figure if you're going to spend money some place you might as well get something back after you spent all that moo la, right?!?

One of such rewards programs is:

You get points for every wipes and diapers you buy. Depending on the type your point value will be different. You can also get rewards codes via the emails and Facebook page they have. 

I've been collecting points since before Ava was born when people gave me a bunch of diapers. I finally collected enough points and picked myself up a little subscription to this:
I spent no more money, no shipping costs, totally free. (other than the money I spent to buy diapers initially.) 

I love the idea of getting something back with points. Yes, it takes time out of my day to enter them all into my account but the amount of time is pretty insignificant compared to all that you can reap! 

Gifts to Grow has a ton of really great rewards that you can cash in your points for. Next, up I'm setting my sights on a Shutterfly print package they have in the rewards site. 

Now, I've also collected some points from another national diaper brand but I can tell you with experience they do not have as many rewards codes available as Pampers, and their prizes and rewards are not as good as Pampers are. 

So happy collection and cashing in your points! I'd love to hear from any of you who are using this program and what you've gotten so far. 

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