September 7, 2010

JustOne Conference

I've been following a blog/site for a while now called Leading & Loving It. It's a site dedicated for women in ministry and pastor's wives. It's written by pastor's wives and women in ministry for women and pastor's wives. 

This site has been a real encouragement to me over these last few months as a ministers wife and also woman in ministry. 

They are hosting an online virtual conference called JustOne. 

It's a 6 week long conference. Each week they cover different topics. And you can watch it right from your couch for free. 

I watched tonight, and it was amazing. Really great topics, and so encouraging. I think it's an awesome idea, since we all can't get away or afford right now to go to some leadership conferences this is a perfect idea. 

I really think that if you're a women at all in ministry, leading a Bible study, small group, Mom's group, etc. you will love this and get something from it. 

Today's topic was about developing relationships/friendships with women and why they are so needed and important. Next week's topic is on marriage. I can't wait to watch again next week, with these great ladies. I'm really learning a lot and it's really meeting me where I'm at in life right now. 

To find out more about this conference, to click in and watch next week go here:

I hope it's an encouragement to you as well!!! 


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