September 27, 2010

A Day In September

September 24th, 2010:

6 am wake up call by the babe. I nurse her for a bit and then hand her off to Hubby who is awake. He has the day off and is looking forward to spending his day with his girls. :)

After laying in bed for a bit the 3 of us, I get up around 7:45 am to start making breakfast for my Hubby. As promised it's biscuits & gravy for my Husband today:

 After getting breakfast started I went back to check on Orion & Ava and found this: 
 I decided to let them sleep, while I continued making my breakfast, this stuff is a labor of love not to be rushed, so while it was cooking.....
 I threw in a load of baby clothing, it was laundry day in our home. It's not glamorous by any means and since I only do it about every two weeks for us adults and about 1 time a month for the little one (she's got tons of clothing options)we've got tons to wash & fold on days like these. 
By now, it's about 8:30 am and I'm sitting down checking my email, daily swag and blogs for the morning. 
By 9 am I go to wake up Orion, we leave Ava sleeping for a while longer and the two of us ate breakfast & chatted over coffee that morning. I love when he has his days off like this. They are slow simmering kinda mornings. No rush. 
 Around 10:30 am Orion leaves to go get the oil changed on the car, and make a few other minor repairs while I start on this: 
At 12:30 pm Ava finally wakes up from her morning nap  and sits quietly playing. We nurse for a bit, then read some books, sing silly songs, and I snap just a few pictures of her. 
 While Ava played for a little while longer I started on folding more laundry, this time Ava's. While listening to a podcast or two. Orion called and let me know repairs were going to take longer than expected. So we waited for Daddy to come home. 
 Around 2 pm Ava goes down for her late afternoon nap. 
 A few minutes later, I went in and got her because she was screaming and crying at the top of her lungs. I guess she just needed her Mama. I was happy to oblige. 
 Around 3:30 Orion finally got home and we got ready to hit the road to go to a youth bowling event that afternoon. But, first I made this with my left over coffee from the morning. 
 I'm pretty sure it's been ages since I went to a real bowling alley and actually bowled. But none the less I got my shoes, picked my ball and bowled like I was 16 again. It was fun. 
 Family photo at the bowling alley. 
5:30 pm Orion & I checked our shoes back in and headed to Goodyear, AZ to have dinner with my blog friend Destiny. We were meeting Destiny and her family for the very first time and having dinner at their home. 

I was a little nervous but excited at the same time to meet Destiny and her family, but we had an amazing time with them. The conversation flowed and we laughed and laughed so hard that evening. I'm so glad we finally got to meet. 

By 9 pm, we were headed back down the road back here to Glendale home. We put Ava back to sleep in her crib watched an episode of 'The Office' and then headed to bed. 

By 10:30 pm we were sleeping fools, it had been a long day. We were pooped! 

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