September 8, 2010

Motherhood: Life Lessons

There's this unspoken code it seems with Moms. 

I'm not talking rockin' "mom jeans" & Carol Brady haircuts here people. 

I'm talking about that unspoken word, smile and nod like you've been there before, or will be there at some point between Mothers. 

Between having it all & doing it all, I feel like there are some real life lessons that I am learning through this journey called Motherhood. 

There's this thing I've noticed about Moms, the understanding that comes with Motherhood. Mom to Mom. 

The struggle, the joys, the highs and the lows are all apart of the daily role. Between screaming tantrums, giggles and grins, crazy toddler antics, rescheduling your day because one kid got sick and the other is screaming. 

Whatever the case may be I find that Moms get other Moms. They understand where their coming from and there's this sorta grace I've experienced through this culture all its own called; Motherhood. 

Here's the lesson I'm learning, be understanding, give grace and don't be offended or hurt by everything not just by the Moms in your life, but by everyone who lives this life with you. 

Sometimes I wish that people in general were more understanding of each other, more accepting, more willing to give the benefit of the doubt to others and not be so quick to judge and be hurt. 

I'm being challenged in my everyday life with friends, family, and my Husband to have a little more grace and understanding. 

Because it's not just Moms with crazy kids, or schedules that need grace and understanding it's all of us. 

I've since decided that being a fool or at least acting like one is part of the job. 

I've given up all inhibitions, and care about weather or not I sound or look cool. 

To Ava, all she knows is that I'm her Mom and I make her smile, laugh, and I love her and take care of her. 

She doesn't know that probably I wouldn't be caught dead making some of the voices, or sounds I make with her in everyday life with other people around. 

But, I'm learning that parenting & motherhood are full of silly moments. Moments that make your children smile and laugh and create lasting memories for them. 

They love you when your foolish, when you let your imagination run wild and tell them amazingly created stories that transport them to a different place. 

I'm willing to be made a fool, or sound like one if it brings a smile to her face and laughter in her heart. 
It's teaching me to not care so much about what others think, to be myself more, take in each moment cause I might not get them back. 

It's teaching me to be more accepting of others behaviors, and remember that the world is made up of all sorts of people. 

It's teaching me to laugh more, smile often, and not take life so seriously. 

She's teaching me to be carefree and drink in the moments that come my way each and every single day. 

With this new phase of life, I am learning so much. I am a student again, and it's almost as if Ava is teaching me. 

I hope to take these life lessons, ponder them, and prayerfully consider them daily. 

May they change me from the inside out. 


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