September 25, 2010

Meeting Dave

Last week I got a random call from a number I didn't recognize, I almost didn't answer it but I decided to this time. It was a lady on the other end letting me know that I'd won the radio contest for tickets to see Dave Ramsey in Phoenix this coming week. 

Our connection group at church is going through is book, and on a whim I decided to enter this contest. I never thought I'd win. But, I was pleasantly surprised to win VIP tickets, special seating & a meet and greet with Dave! How awesome is that!?!
 (Me & Dave)

I took my friend Jessica. We got there early for the sound check and meet and greet! We ended up winning some really cool prizes and getting a lot of FREE product just for being in the right place at the right time and because we're totally awesome!! 
We had a really great time! I've been reading his book on finances for just a couple weeks now and listening to his pod casts everyday. It was really awesome to see him live and get some questions answered. It really helped wrap my mind around this whole financial things, and how to find true financial freedom. 

It was truly inspiring Thursday night to hear the amazing stories of people who are living debt free and paint of literally thousands of thousands of dollars worth of debt. 
I'd encourage anyone who is interested in finding some practical ways to get out of debt and manage your money better to check out Dave Ramsey's book or click here to go to his website to find out more.


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