September 7, 2010

Little Award

I opened up my inbox today to find a comment from Mrs. B letting me know that she gave me a little bloggy award today!! "The Versatile Blogger" award. Not sure what to say, but it's so sweet. I jumped on over to her blog to read all about it. 

I write this little blog for myself, and my family mostly. Never dreaming anyone else would read much less follow along. So big THANKS to Mrs. B for thinking of me today and passing along this sweet little award. 

There's some instructions that go along with such an award, so here goes:

Answer this question: If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?
This is a good one. I for sure would have done school differently not wasting time or money on silly electives, and I would have majored in something different. I wouldn't have gotten my degree in ministry, I would have gotten it in counseling. Even though I do feel called to ministry I would like to have a more practical useful degree. 

The 2nd thing you have to do is, pick 4 people and give them this award. You then have to inform the people that they have received this award.
Julie @ Joy's Hope: Julie is a wife, mother of 3 beautiful girls, and in ministry. I love reading her blog. It's full of creativity, encouraging words, and sassiness! 
Andrea @ J & A and Co.: I started reading Andrea's blog about a year ago, before I was even a mother or thought about motherhood. She's such an inspiring person, wife and Mommy. She has some amazing ideas for parties and family traditions, decor and she takes awesome pictures. Reading her blog makes me wanna make amazing memories for my kids. And, anyone with the name Andrea is just plain cool!
Lyndsie @ A Love Worth Waiting For: If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time you've heard me talk about Daniel & Lyndsie. Their story is one for the record books, and I love how open, honesty and vulnerable they are about their desire and struggle to adopt. Surprise, they are adopting a baby soon! I couldn't be more happy when I read the news, these two couldn't be more perfect to be parents to a little one! 
Destiny @ A Place For Us: Destiny lives in Arizona, and although I am blog stocking her we've never actually met. But, I love her decor style, and her blog is filled with really great thrifty decor tips, and life with her adorable children and Hubby! 

The 3rd thing you MUST do, is thank the lovely individual who gave you the award.
Thank you Mrs. B!!! Your blog is one of the first blogs I ever read before you were even on Blogger. You are the one who actually inspired me to start blogging in the first place, so to get such an award from you is truly honoring! I love keeping up on your life through She's Star Crossed, your kids are adorable. Your wit, and writing keep me laughing and smiling always! I wish could give this award right back to you!!

You need to share 7 things about yourself.
1. Being a Mom is something I never thought I'd get to do, but I'm so glad God choose me to be Ava's Mommy. I feel truly called & at peace being her Mommy. 
2. I love coffee, I almost consider it a food group. :)
3. My sister and I are 11 months apart in age, and for a month and a half we're the same age. 
4. I can't stand shoes that cover my feet completely. 
5. Ava's middle name was inspired by a character from a t.v. show that I fell in love with. Couldn't get it out of my mind when we were trying to pick names, and thus made it her middle name.
6. I want to get my Masters Degree one day.  
7. I have a secret obsession with all things pop culture, and trivia! 

And, as if this day couldn't get any better I won these adorable little personalized bloomers for Ava from Lyndsie Gives Away! I never win any of the contests I enter, so this was a huge surprise!! 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!


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