September 13, 2010

Blog Roll Monday: Honey We're Home

Blog Roll Monday is a weekly feature, where we high light one of our 'Must Read' blogs! To find out more of the blogs we heart check out the 'About Us' tab to see our complete reading list.

Last week I found a great new blog, I love when you find new blogs. I stumbled across this blog late one night and was already hooked when I found out that the writer was a brand new Mommy and her baby is just a couple weeks older than Miss Ava. 

This blog is chalk full of really cute posts about their new home, decorating it, and adventures with a brand new baby. 

I'm always intrigued by first time parents like myself, and what their up to and doing! Plus her style is amazing. I'm pretty much drooling over every room, especially her closet! To take a closer look you'll have to visit her blog!! 

Jump on over to Megan's blog today and tell her Worley House sent you! You won't be sorry, you'll probably be hooked too! 


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