September 3, 2010


We embraced it this past Sunday, we got out the video camera and we sat down and watched as our girl entered into and tried out something new. Everyday it seems like she does something more and more amazing. 

That very first bite was so fun to see. She tried. She liked. She wanted more. 

And, we are remind that she's growing daily. Discovering new things, and taking the world in all at her own pace. 

And as much as there's a part of me that wants to bottle all this up, freeze time and make her stop growing, I get so excited to see things through her eyes for the first time all over again. 

It's completely new and amazing to her. She embraces it and says let's go! 

She has no fear yet. No apprehensions. She's ready. 

So ready or not here we go. 

She's teaching me so much about life. I look at life so differently now. And, I truly think that's what this phase of life was meant to be for me at least. 

A change for the better. A shift in perspective, bringing me closer to God and closer as a family. 

I know that she needs me. But, sometimes I think I need her more. 

I know that God chose me to be her Mommy. 

I know being her Mom is the best job I can do right now. I know it's what I'm called to do. 

My Husband, payed my the best compliment this week. He said;

"You're a great Mom."

So while she's growing and changing daily, I cherish these moments. 

I anticipate her waking up in the morning, and what our day will bring. 

I hold these moments dear to my heart, write them down, to remember them forever. 

And wait for the next stage to come. 

And pray it's as good as the last. 


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