February 28, 2011

12 in 12: Book #2

Ok, so here's the deal about book #2 on my list. I didn't finish it. I read 4 chapters and I was bored, bored out of my mind. I really hate to say it because it was a book that I'd really wanted to read for a while now, but once I got to reading it I found the story line incredibly boring, slow moving and not holding my attention at all. I've tried picking it up and reading parts just to see how far I could get and hopefully finish it. I tried bringing it to work and reading it on my lunch break and didn't get anywhere with it either.


I feel like I can't do a true review of this book since I didn't finish it, and I hate not finishing books. I really hate that. But, I've been trying to finish it for a few weeks now all while reading my #3 book and just can't do it. So I have stopped and maybe I'll finish it sometime within the year and do a review then. In the meantime I'll be finishing book #3, and I will leave you now with my super non scientific rating system for this 12 in 12 challenge as inspired by Eighteen25's rating system.



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