February 7, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: The Preacher's Wife

Hello Monday, Hello Lovely Readers!

Did you enjoy the Superbowl? Did you have a party & cheer loud? We attended a party last night, and had a great time with friends. I loved the commercials more, I will admit. Scroll down to see my favorite of last night.

It's already Monday, and for the past few weeks I've been slacking on my blog duties of sharing with you some of my favorite blogs. Forgive me for falling off my rocker for a bit. I'm back with this week's blog.

You heard me mention a couple days ago Pastor Steven Furtick's blog in a post, well his wife is equally as gifted and talented and I've been reading her blog for sometime now and just love it. She's a wife and mother of two young boys (with a girl on the way) and she's got a lot to say and share! I love her fresh perspective on ministry and women in the ministry. I feel so encouraged when I walk away from reading her thoughts.

The Preacher's Wife

(click the link button)

But, this blog just isn't for people in ministry. It's for women, mothers and parents. Plus, she seems to be a pretty good cook and has some pretty good looking recipes on her blog. Five of which I'm going to try this week with my own family. Quick and easy, and who doesn't love that?!
Jump on over to her blog, take a look and give her some commenting love. You just might find yourself lost for a few hours asking your Hubby to clean or make dinner so you can finish reading.
Happy Monday!


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