February 28, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: Whisk Kid

It's no secret around my house that I love to bake just as much as I love to cook. I thought I'd switch it up this week and share with you one of my favorite baking blogs. I first found Whisk Kid while watching the Martha Stewart Show last fall. They were doing a rainbow themed show, and I saw this cake.  Oh my!!


That day she was on Martha, teaching everyone how to make her rainbow cake! A twenty something college student who bakes it up in her apartment. How awesome! Her site is full of fun baked goodies, you'll get a sugar rush just drooling over the pictures. She's got a great eye for photography too. 

You can search all of her baked goods by her handy recipe index here. 

Go ahead, pick a few to make this weekend. 

Every year I make Orion a cake for his birthday, and I've got a couple from her site in mind for the next couple birthdays. 


Happy Monday Everyone! 


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