February 9, 2011

{DIY} Simplify Wooden Sign

Remember a couple weeks back when I talked about my word for 2011? I wanted to do something to to remember this word in our home. Remember the door fronts I kept from our old t.v. cabinet? I saved them to use on some projects. I took one of the smaller ones from the drawers to use on this project. I ordered some vinyl from Wonderfully Wordy, Shelley is awesome to work with. 

Here's what I did:
I used wood filler to fill the holes from the knobs I took off, let it dry and then sanded it down. Then I used Kilz primer before painting it. 


I used Krylon in Celery, and did about 3 coats. 


Then I applied the vinyl, using the directions that came with. I used my credit card to make sure all the vinyl was pressed and applied before removing it slowly. It might be tempting to rip it off like a band aid but this needs to be done slowly to ensure that it doesn't rip. 


Here's the AFTER:


I'm so excited about how it turned out, and it's a perfect way to remember this entire year. Right now she's sitting up on the mantle but I think I'm going to hang her in our kitchen. Must enlist Hubby for that project.

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