February 24, 2011

{iHeart} Layla Grace

I've been looking and looking at the site Layla Grace for months now since I found it. Their site is filled with all things for babies, children and Mommies. They have unique finds for pretty much everything on your list. I like them so much because they offer things that you just don't find anywhere else, and I think that makes it really special.

Recently I was coveting admiring my friend Destiny's diaper bag while we were chatting at church one Sunday, I asked her where she got it and the brand. When she told me she got it at a garage sale for $10 I was jealous! Ava is 11 months old, and her diaper bag is falling apart. It's an Eddie Bauer brand and it already got two rips in it a couple weeks after I first got it. Some things spilled on the inside and hasn't been very easy to clean, I've wanted to look into getting a new one for a while now. Something that will last her and our future children who I'll use it with.

I quickly began searching the brand to see where I found find the brand and Layla Grace came up in my search. I started following them on Twitter sometime ago and remembered they sent me a 20% off code for an order. Armed with this I began searching their site for a diaper bag that I loved, and could last for a while. Here's what I fell in love with:

Don't you love it too?!! With my coupon code and free shipping I was sold! So I ordered it and I can't wait for it to come in. 

Layla Grace has been nominated for a Cribsie Award, read about it:

The Cribsie Awards will honor the top 60 products, brands, services, and websites for babies and tots. Out of 4,000 nominees, they've selected 344 finalists and it's now up to us to vote for the very best! One of my favorite sites, Layla Grayce has been nominated in the Web category as "Easiest Place to Spend a Paycheck" and with their gorgeous hand-picked products for women, home, and children, I have to agree. Check out the Cribsie Awards to find some new resources for your little ones and vote for your favorites including Layla Grayce Cribsie for the Easiest Way to Spend a Paycheck. now through March 18th.

I think they are pretty well deserving of this award! Jump on over to their site look around, fall in love and try not to spend to much. You can click my link on the banner to the right or click here and be taken to their site.

Also, if you start following them on Twitter too they will send you your own 20% off code. Click here to start. 

Happy Shopping! I hope you find good deals!


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