February 19, 2011

{Guest Blogger} Alicia from Virginia Living

 I am not crafty. It takes me FOREVER to decorate my house, as evidence by my still- bare walls. I don't really like Martha Stewart. I find her smug and snotty. Probably because she knows/can do anything. I don't have the patience for crafty things. Or the time. Or the creativity.  I am just not that type.

BUT, I like a good deal. I like a great deal, and I can wield a paint brush. So, that brings us to my own little Do-It-Yourself project. We moved our little growing family from a 900 sq ft condo, to a 1800-2000 sq ft house. Without a lot of funds to furnish that extra sq footage, we turned to the best website ever...craigslist.

It was there that I found this solid wood side table for $50. The lady said it was an antique, but regardless, it was nice and sturdy and the perfect size for our living room/ entry way. The only problem...it was ugly. Ugly wood with great design. Husband was not convinced.  We have mainly black/espresso wooded furniture and we just finished painting that ugly country wood out of our house. I encouraged him to look at the bones of the table.

 So, we bought it.

And than we sanded the varnish off of it and roughed it up a bit.

(Example of ugly wood and country colors behind husband. This section of the house has yet to be painted)


Than we slapped a single coat of black paint on it. I wanted some of the wood coloring to come through. We also ran a piece of sand paper along the hard edges.

I took off the original knobs and scored some great Anthropologie knobs on sale. They added the hint of green that we are going for in our whole living room color scheme.

And we are done. At least with this little tiny section of the house.

Having been inspired by the ease of this project, we bought a dining room table and chairs from craigslist and want to re-do that set.

Husband did all the painting and I just need to find some material to cover the chairs and we are done.

Husband does not want to paint any more furniture for a long time.

While the crafting/creating/DIY bug did not bite us that hard, I am happy with our little project and the ones to come.

I am no Martha Stewart, but I am pleased with my own little table.

Thanks Alicia for sharing! I love DIY projects it's always so fun to put your own signature and touch into something especially when it goes in your home. Jump on over to Alicia's blog and give her some love today!

Happy Saturday Everyone!


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