February 1, 2011

Celebrating My 3rd Blogaversary

Sunday will be my 3rd little blogaversary celebrating this little blog of mine that means so much to me. I meant to post this yesterday to kick of the week, but I had something else on my heart and wrote this post instead.

I really wanted to do something special for my readers. Those of you who have read from the beginning, and those that are just finding 'Worley House' for the first time and are going along the journey with me. I decided to giveaway something each day of this week, and announce all the winners on Feb. 6th, the day of my actual blogaversary.

These won't just be random things given away, each item I'll be giving away this week in someway represents a small part of me. Some silly & fun. Others deeply personal and have been apart of my growth in these last three years.

So I hope you'll join me, comment and win!

Here's the deets; you must be a public follower of 'Worley House' to comment and win. It's easy to sign up, just sign in with Google to the right on my side bar. You don't have to have a blog to sign up. Just fill out the info and become a public follower.

Leave a comment on any post for the giveaway you'd like to enter. Enter them all or just the ones you want to win, it's up to you. Only 1 comment per person. And winners will be announced Sunday Feb. 6th.

First up for today's giveaway:

Ava's Closet Logo

I started making things for Ava shortly after we found out we were having a sweet baby girl. It was a way for me to be creative, and make something pretty for her at the same time. I got a little crazy crafting and just started piling it up in her closet before she was even born. In November 2009, I started selling on Etsy and Ava's Closet was born.

Everything made is extremely personal, making it first with my own little girl in mind. I've named several pieces after ladies who are important to me in my life. I don't even care if none if it sells, I just enjoy making things handmade for people I love and giving them something made with love.

So for today's giveaway I'll be giving 1 lucky winner a $10 Shop Credit to Ava's Closet to be used on anything they like. 


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