February 8, 2011

Hoarding vs. Memory Making

In my quest to get rid of 100 things and pair down in my life the "stuff" that consumes our home I had to first take a look at my closet because that's where most of the hoarding keepsakes are. I like to break things down into zones, I clean this way, organize this way, and ultimately started my get rid of 100 things 2011 project this way. It helps me keep my sanity and cross things off my list. Isn't totally psycho Type A of me to organize my 'to-do' list and make it smaller in 'to-do' zones? It's probably a sickness, but truthfully I like it this way, and I'm not looking for a cure anytime soon.

Anyway, I digress.........

I went to my bedroom closet first, because I realized that I have a way BIG problem keeping clothing, shoes, and accessories that I don't wear anymore, or haven't worn in a long time. So as, I was going through things and sifting through hangers of clothing, getting myself a chair so I could reach the high shelving and go through shoes upon shoes I started having a little walk down memory lane.

And then I realized my issue with getting rid of things is hard because I realize that I save things because of the memory I or we created while wearing said items. For example, I have the dress I wore on Orion and I's second date. I haven't worn it in 5 years but I still have it and have been lugging it and packing it up every time we've moved.  I have shoes that I don't wear any more because they are cute, but I don't wear them. I can probably go through just about every item in my closet and tell you when I wore it, and who I was with, etc, etc.

I have 15 little black dresses, I'm sure there's a rule somewhere that says you're only supposed to have a couple not 15! But, I don't care about rules. I care about who I was with or how I was feeling when I wore the item.

So I started to get over myself and started to go through my stuff realizing that I have the pictures to preserve the memory and two if I donate it then maybe someone else will make a memory too. I got rid of 25 items that day including shoes and accessories.

Does anyone else do this? Does anyone else save clothing or anything because of the memory? Or am I the only weirdo?

My desire to simplify this year is encouraging and holding me accountable to the fact that "things" are not what make our lives. It's the people we share it with, it's the memories we create and make a long the way. Getting rid of stuff is pretty freeing. It's eye opening as I evaluate why I have it, or what its purpose is in our home/lives.

Sure there's stuff that I have saved, and probably will save forever. But I just want to be aware of the things in my life and never get consumed with having stuff or filling a space just because.

Ok, so spill....what's one thing you've been holding on to that you just can't let go of?


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