December 12, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: La Vie Petite

Happy Monday friends! This week bring lots and lots of Christmas parties and festivities! All of which I am very, very excited for.


Today, I want to share with you Cori's blog. She blogs over at La Vie Petite! She's guest posted here before, remember here?

Here's a few things I love about reading her blog:

She's a mom.

She's witty.

She likes clothes and she's not afraid to tell you about just how much.

She's a bargain hunter, thrifting kinda girl!

She tells you all how to make the most from your outfits, and your budget!

She loves her life, and shares it accordingly.

So, when you need some read fashion advice from a real girl she's your gal. When you need a good laugh and reminder it's ok to be lady like to, see her.

When you wanna curl up and read a good blog, she's got one of the best!

If you haven't visited her yet, go today!


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