December 26, 2011

Blog Roll Monday: Without Wax

Hello Friends! Did you all have a great Christmas? I hope that you did, maybe you are still enjoying the Christmas spirit! We are! We're still here in Iowa with family and are enjoying some much needed time with them. Making memories is what this time is about!


I read a lot of blogs. I read a lot of decor/design blogs. A lot of photography blogs. A little bit of crafting too. But, I also read a lot of faith based blogs as well.

Blogs that make think about myself and my relationship with the Lord. Ones that challenge me as a person, challenge my relationship with God and others.

Ones that make me a better person.

One of those blogs is Without Wax by Pete Wilson.

I heard about his book when I was listening to the radio one day while I was out running errands. I think it was a God moment.

After reading his book, it sorta changed me. In the most positive way. You can read more about that here.

Shortly after that I started reading his blog Without Wax.

I always walk away with an encouragement.

Something that sparks thought.

Sometimes a good laugh, since he also blogs tidbits about his family and life.

And he's probably the only Pastor I "know" that's been in a Taylor Swift video and I think that's just plain awesome!

If you need some inspiration today, or an encouragement I invite you to visit Without Wax.


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